Lift Your Voice in Praise of Justice, Peace & Radical Welcome

Posted: December 12th, 2013

Rob Leveridge (MDiv 2007) published a new album and songbook of original rock-oriented worship music for communities passionate about justice, peace and radical welcome. The album, titled Dancing On The Mountain, features 13 songs with lyrics shaped by the teachings and example of Christ and articulate the language of progressive Christianity. Since this release Rob’s songs are being sung in churches around the country. 

Lyrics to all the songs are available at that site, as well as at his main website, If you have a moment to look at them, you’ll see that they represent a theological perspective that is unique in the world of Christian music, and strongly promote the commitments of the CTS community. 

Rob Leveridge is a pastor and songwriter living near Chicago, IL. He serves the congregation of First United Church of Oak Park, and writes music for community worship, as well as live performance.

BONUS: Rob provided the lyrics from his song, Let it Live, which you can hear (sample to the right)

I am starting to see, life is bigger than me,
A child of the Holy, I’ve got a big family!
I want the kingdom to come, there’s a lot to be done,
Take the help that I give, forge hope and let it live!

Seen how you take folks who can’t get a break
And make a way (make a way!), from no way (from no way!)
Seen how you call out the comfortable,
To share the cost (share the cost!), and bear the cross (bear the cross!)

I want to join with the generous
And go with joy where you’re sending us!