With world-renowned teachers and alumni, CTS is the global leader in transformational religious studies. We offer several Masters and Doctoral degrees, including Masters in Divinity, Sacred Theology and Religious Leadership.

Interfaith Degree Concentrations

Many Programs, Many Paths

All CTS degree programs involve rigorous study of religion, a profound commitment to diversity and inclusion, and the flexibility of a multi-vocal and multidisciplinary approach. Whether you are interested in congregational or non-profit leadership, chaplaincy, social service, community organizing, teaching, or theological research, there is a CTS degree program capable of preparing you for your chosen pursuit within our groundbreaking multifaith cohort.

Master of Arts (MA) – If you are inclined toward academic study and teaching, perhaps going on for doctoral work, this degree program with a research thesis capstone may best fit your needs.

Master of Arts in Religious Leadership (MARL) – If your professional interests lean toward non-profit work, the MARL offers an individually-designed program of study with particular strengths in interreligious engagement, word & worship, and social transformation. The capstone project is a year-long field placement and paper that synthesizes the theoretical and practical aspects of your education.

Master of Divinity (M.Div.) – This degree is a desideratum for congregational leadership in many denominations, as well as chaplaincy on campus or in a health facility. Historically constructed for Christian theological education, the program at CTS can be adapted for students with different faith and non-faith backgrounds. (Also possible: A joint degree with the University of Chicago’s School of Social Service Administration)

Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) – Ideal for clergy and other religious leaders who want to deepen their capacities for theological reflection and community transformation. A three-year (part-time) professional degree, it is grounded in the work you are doing in your community. The capstone project is publishable and replicable so that you may extend the positive impact of your studies.

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) – Designed to prepare religious leaders to work at the highest levels in a variety of teaching, counseling, research, ministry and administrative positions. Concentrate in Bible, Culture and Hermeneutics (Jewish and Christian Scriptures), or Theology, Ethics and the Human Sciences.