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Everyone is asking: “What can I do to fight all this social injustice ... religious bigotry ... gender inequality ... and hatred?

Take action! Join our team of social justice advocates. Educate. Activate. Mobilize.

We’re Chicago Theological Seminary, but the truth is, we’re more than a seminary. We’re a think tank, a catalyst for change and a training ground for the next generation of religious leadership.

By supporting us, you are directly supporting social and racial justice, GLBTQ and gender rights, progressive thinking and love.

And now we’ve made it easier for you to help us. Using the exponential power of the Internet, you can help us reach new activists who support our causes. It's easy to do right here and now. Simply choose your favorite commitment, and start a fund raising page. Share this message with your friends and colleagues - and give them the opportunity to support our mission too. You’ll be surprised at how willingly they are to help.