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Transfer Students

Students wishing to transfer into a CTS degree program must submit the application materials relevant to the degree program into which the applicant hopes to transfer.  In addition, applicants should submit a letter of honorable dismissal and transcripts from the Academic Dean and/or Registrar of the previous school.

All master’s level transfer students who have earned 18 credits or more will be evaluated by the CTS Registrar before the CTS Admissions Committee will act upon the application.  Applicants should not expect all credits to transfer; credits must have been earned at the master’s level from an accredited seminary or divinity school to be considered.  Regardless of credits already earned, a transfer student must complete a minimum of one academic year, or 24 credit hours, at CTS, in order to receive a CTS degree.

For a more detailed description of our transfer of credit policy, please consult the CTS Student Handbook.