CTS Online
Now you don’t have to come here to go here. CTS offers many of its world class courses and degree programs online. Same great teachers. Same great student dialogue. Only now online.

Why CTS Online?

High-Quality Online Education

Imagine the transformational education experience that CTS offers. And add the convenience and interactivity of online. CTS Online courses are designed and delivered by our world- class faculty, who are passionate about engendering meaningful discussions and learning outcomes. Students at CTS Online participate in lively online conversations with their peers and instructors, deepening their understanding of theology and ministry. All this is made possible by our enabling technology that delivers our high-quality education beyond the walls of CTS.

Moodle + WebEx = Powerful Synergy

Access and interaction are two goals that CTS Online strives to achieve. To that end, we use both synchronous and asynchronous technology tools bringing students in different places together. Moodle is our online learning portal where students find areas for written discussions, assignment submissions, and various multimedia lectures.

WebEx is CTS Online’s virtual classroom, where students and instructors see, hear, and talk to one another via high-quality video and audio conferencing — all in real time. Both Moodle and WebEx are compatible across major computer and mobile device operating systems (Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS), which means that you can learn however, whenever, and wherever.

Technical Support: Always On

We boast one-stop student service brought to you by our friendly, responsive technical support team. The Help Desk team addresses your questions about using technology, as well as using the Learning Commons research tools. Help Desk is available via live chat, email and phone and ensures a timely response to all student inquiries. Students start their online journey from different levels of computer literacy, but our Help Desk is there to level out such differences, helping students experience the online learning process that is as seamless as possible.

Commitment to Community Building

CTS organizes a wide variety of activities to build strong community and a sense of belonging. Weekly chapel services are broadcast over the air, and student mentoring groups are open to online students. Also, in the making is an exciting new CTS-wide digital community, where all students — residential and online — will come together to engage with extracurricular discussions, share thoughts and resources, and grow together. All these activities are designed and delivered based on our main philosophy of creating one learning community, whether students are on-campus or online.