Intersections Conference

9:00                Registration & Coffee

9:30                SESSION 1

Session 1A

9:30   "Arming the Hypermasculine Jesus: Power, Sex, and Religion at the United States Air Force Academy" MeLinda Morton

9:55   "Decolonizing Structures of Whiteness" Jon M. Phillips

10:20 "Finding Islamic Feminism in Syria: A Comparison of the Abu Noor and Qubaysiyat Women's Revivlaist Groups" Maryam Al-Zoubi

10:45 Discussion 

Session 1B

9:30   "Animal Affection: A Queer Zoological Reading of the Song of Songs" Jared Beverly

9:50   "Intersections of a Sacred Text: Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man" Tadhi D. Coulter

10:10 "May I Be Your Sister in the Wilderness? Opening Sarah's Heart to Hagar in the South Korean Intersectional Context (Genesis 16 & 21:8-21)" Nayoung Ha

10:30 "Reclaiming 'Cursed' Black Women's Bodies Through an Exegetical Study of Gal 3:10-14" Angela Parker

10:50 Discussion 

11:15              Lunch

12:15              SESSION 2

12:15 "Mitigating Black Masculinity: Theologies of Masculinity in the Black Charismatic Church Tradition" Quincy James Rineheart

12:40 "Shifts in Protestant Evangelicalism: Sexual & Racial Desacralization as a Function of American Classism" Michele Watkins-Branch

1:05   "Intersectionality and Innocence: A Baldwinian Theory of Identity Dependency" Dr. El Kornegay, Jr.

1:30   Discussion 

2:00                Keynote Roundtable

3:30                Reception