Listening to Grief
“I want to learn to listen better to those who grieve. I want to learn to attend more, to understand more."

Listening to Grief


Professor W. Dow Edgerton has bestowed a very special and generous gift to the CTS Community. Professor Edgerton’s latest book, Listening to Grief, is available free on the CTS website. Not available in hardcover or paperback, the book will be published exclusively on our website over five weekly installments. Installments will culminate with a Live Book Discussion led by Professor Edgerton. Be sure to follow CTS on Facebook to receive reminders of each release and join the Facebook group, "CTS Book Club" to discuss the book and post your thoughts.

W. Dow Edgerton

Professor Edgerton's research focuses on the work of interpretation, and how the experiences of interpretation–particularly in the processes of preaching and worship –shape our lives as individuals and communities.

“Preaching, teaching and caring for your people will always be at the heart of pastoral ministry. This is our most basic work, but it calls upon every gift a woman or man has been given: gifts of faith, understanding, character, imagination, art, discipline, passion, skill, and knowledge. Foundational questions must be asked over and over in the daily concrete circumstances of ministry:  How can we understand the story unfolding before us? What is the gospel? What are the acts and words that will proclaim it here? What am I called to do and set apart to do? How shall we live with hope here? How shall we love? This is hard, exciting, necessary, and deeply theological work, and it is the daily bread of ministry.”

Download the Book

Chapters 1 - 5 available for download NOW!
We offer "Listening to Grief" in three different electronic formats, click on one to download the latest chapters:

  • Mobi File: Use this format for Kindle reader
  • ePub File: Use this format for most non-Kindle eReaders
  • PDF File: Use this format for reading on your computer screen or printing

Chapter Release Schedule:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction: Grief’s Dimension (February 28)
  • Chapter 2: Grief’s Experience (March 5)
  • Chapter 3: Grief’s Relationships (March 12)
  • Chapter 4: Grief’s Drama (March 19)
  • Chapter 5: Grief’s Consolation (March 26)

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We invite you to participate in the ongoing conversation as we release "Listening to Grief" over the coming weeks. Join us on our Facebook Group, or use the comments space below. Alternatively, if you have a private question for Dow Edgerton, you may use our private question form.

People in this conversation

  • Guest (Susan Cusick)


    Thank you for sharing this important work with all of us! Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

    from Chicago, IL, USA
  • Guest (KT May)


    Can't wait to read the rest of the book - thank you for this thought provoking work!

    from Boston, MA, USA
  • Guest (Denise Grossman)


    Thank you Prof Dow Edgerton- for sharing this wonderful book. Grief a subject that I am exploring more and more. As I attempt to find away forward while earnestly listening to those of us who carry the burden of grief. No one escapes it for it is the human condition.

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