Chicago Theological Seminary | Three Online Graduate Programs to suit your needs: MA (Religious Studies), MA in Religious Leadership, MDiv
Online Learning at CTS
Chicago Theological Seminary, an affiliated seminary of the United Church of Christ, is committed to educating and preparing women and men to be religious leaders in a diverse and increasingly online world. Our rigorous and learner–centered online courses allow you to learn from and with the excellent CTS faculty and students from all parts of the world and all walks of life.

Degree Options
  • Master of Arts (Religious Studies) — Two–year program designed to prepare you for doctoral studies, for service in another field in a non–ordained capacity, or to simply study theology and religion without the aim of entering professional ministry
  • Master of Arts in Religious Leadership — Two–year program designed to prepare you for service in a range of religious, faith–based, community, and advocacy settings
  • Master of Divinity — Three–year program designed to prepare you to serve as transformative religious leaders in the church and society, often in an ordained capacity
Transforming Society in the Image of Justice
Since our beginning, we push at the growing boundaries of the church in order to make our faith relevant and transform our society in the image of justice. Our faculty are leaders in the church and society, actively producing new works through writing and publications, activism, ministry and church leadership, instruction and dialogue, and more.

Let us share with you more information about our Online Graduate Programs, as well as these exciting resources for Biblical Studies, Theology, and Ethics for Social Justice Practice we've developed:
  • Sermon concerning the challenges faced by theological education
  • Address about worship and the future of the churches
  • Address regarding an activist approach to education
  • Lecture discussing whether Bibles matter in homosexuality debates
  • Op–ed supporting the Respect for Marriage Act
  • Lecture celebrating women in ministry
  • Sermon on love and fighting oppression
  • Tower News magazine, including articles on online education, a recent CTS study trip to Israel and Palestine, and a distinguished alumnus
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Biblical Studies, Theology, and Ethics
for Social Justice Practice

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