Lakisha Lockhart

Lakisha Lockhart portait

Lakisha Lockhart

Assistant Professor of Practical Theology

Professor Lockhart’s research interests include religious education, practical, liberation, and womanist theologies, ethics and society, multiple intelligences, embodied faith, theological aesthetics, theopoetics, creativity, imagination and play.  Lockhart’s current research focuses on utilizing womanish play as pedagogy for teaching and learning across difference in theological education. Lockhart is ordained in the nondenominational tradition.

“My teaching takes seriously the benefits and necessity of play, movement, aesthetics, creative arts, and embodiment as foundational and I advocate for the usage of the body as a locus for doing theology and theological reflection. Engaged and embodied pedagogy, mutuality, and providing a ludic learning environment foster intercultural and interreligious learning, dialogue, and teaching that can be transformative. Using engaged and embodied pedagogy makes space for the embodied, ontological, and epistemological realities of all persons and communities allowing for the uplifting and valuing of diverse, and often marginalized, voices and experiences. I not only see myself as professor, but as a facilitator, rope jumper, game-player, sojourner, advocate, disruptor and catalyst for critical consciousness, liberation, and engagement that leads to action and change”


  • B.A. Claflin University, 2008
  • M.DIV. Wesley Theological Seminary, 2011
  • M.A. Vanderbilt University, 2012
  • Ph.D. Boston College, 2018

Sample Courses

  • Introduction to Christian Education
  • Introduction to Pastoral Theology
  • Pedagogies
  • Living into Our Commitments
  • Embodied Faith: Exploring Spirituality and Meaning Making through Play and Aesthetic Practices
  • Youth Ministry