People across the CTS community are doing interesting and important things. SPOTLIGHTS shines a light on the meaningful lives and projects of our students, alums, faculty, or trustees.  We are gathering these individual narratives and telling our collective story.

Rev. Bianca Davis-Lovelace photo
Rev. Bianca Davis-Lovelace
A third generation CTS alumna, an ordained UCC Pastor, and Co-Founder of Progressive Millennials for Action. She is also the Co-host of Progressive Millennials podcast. During her time in ministry and activism, she has been a champion for women's empowerment, social justice, spiritual formation, interfaith engagement, and hip hop social consciousness.
Tyler Tully photo
Tyler Tully
A 2016 MDiv Student who has been accepted to the Doctor of Philosophy in Theology program at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom, where he also received the Arthur Peacocke Graduate Studentship in Theology Award. His interdisciplinary research engages Christology through the lens of post-humanist theory and animal studies.
Donte Hilliard photo
Donte Hilliard
Notable experience as an interdisciplinary educator, trainer, cultural worker, activist, researcher, and clergy person. His areas of specialty include Social & Racial Justice Movement History, Community Organizing and studying the complex relationship between identity, culture, and power. In the Fall of 2015, Donte was admitted into in Leadership Institute of the Center for American Progress.
Giseok Joo photo
Giseok Joo
Graduated from CTS with a Master of Divinity and now graduating with a PhD under the guidance of Dr. Jennings. He is interested in what Jennings studies, especially his political theology in supporting Christian ministries’ active engagement in political issues.
Rev. Cindi Knox photo
Rev. Cindi Knox
A 2013 graduate of Chicago Theological Seminary, her emphases were ministry with people on the margins of church and society, and working with new and renewing congregations. Cindi is a woman of transsexual history, transitioning in 1986, and met her wife Mary in 1989.
Rev. Dr. Beverly Dale photo
Rev. Dr. Beverly Dale
A Christian clergy who is a feminist and straight ally and talks about God and sex…a lot! She teaches an inclusive, science-friendly and sex positive Christianity that focuses on sexual diversity, pleasure, and freedom to help people be responsible and ethical in their sexual decision-making. She spent most of her thirty years of ministry helping people reconnect their spirits and their bodies and confronting sex-negativity in the church and culture.
Rev. John H. Thomas photo
Rev. John H. Thomas
Former General Minister and President of the UCC, Thomas retired from his position as Visiting Professor of Church Ministry and Senior Advisor to the President at Chicago Theological Seminary in August. The CTS community celebrated his service to the mission of CTS, his service to the wider world, and our gratitude that he is part of the CTS family.