Change the Course

Our responsibility to future generations inspires us to educate more leaders – more ministers, academics, chaplains, social workers, executive directors, and even presidents – to provide the world with what it needs most right now. This responsibility invites us to imagine what our future can become.

Right now, you have the opportunity to Change the Course. 

With a gift to CTS today, you can support the visioning of our collective future.

The President’s Strategic Initiatives Fund
supports CTS at a critical junction. Your gift to this fund ensures that President Ray can direct new and creative steps that will shape CTS. As opportunities emerge, your gift helps CTS grow to fit our rapidly changing world. As the landscape of theological education shifts, we too can respond under visionary leadership.

The Stephen G. Ray Jr. Scholarship Fund
supports the leaders who are unfolding their vocation right now. This newly established scholarship fund will sustain the work of CTS visionaries today. You continue the vision of making theological education accessible by all. Students can pursue their dreams to transform the world, because of your gift.

No matter your choice, your gift makes a tremendous impact. Thank you for being the change for the world, by changing the course.