Student Orientation

Welcome to CTS! We understand serious theological study can be challenging. So we try to make it as easy and comfortable as possible. We are excited to welcome our new students to this vibrant learning community. As with any new endeavor there are a number of things you must do get started. This page is designed as a central repository of all the information you receive and may need to access during the orientation process. Refer to it as often as you need to in order to complete your necessary tasks, and later as a point of reference to anything you may forget along the way.

2019 FALL ORIENTATION: August 29-30, 2019


The five basic steps of the orientation process:

  1. Canvas CTS Information Course: Canvas is our online learning portal. Every incoming student must complete the orientation modules that contain important information like the who, what, where and when of CTS including registration, financial aid, and other necessary documentation. You must complete these in order to register for classes, so don’t delay!
  2. Immunization Form: Every student must complete and submit a Student Immunization Form and hand or mail deliver to CTS.
  3. Passport Photo: Please send a standard U.S. passport size photo either hand-delivered or mailed to:
    Chicago Theological Seminary
    Attention: Registrar
    1407 E 60th Street
    Chicago, IL 60637
  4. Government ID: Please upload a copy of your government ID (license, passport, etc.) to the Canvas Site.
  5. Register for Orientation: Orientation is REQUIRED for all face-to-face students and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for all online students. Face-to-face students with a valid exception should petition the orientation committee. ALL STUDENTS MUST COMPLETE the registration form to inform us of your intentions.

New Student Contacts:

Here are some contacts and resources to help you with your transition. Please contact Jason Frey with questions about orientation or the CTS information course. For questions about registration, please contact the Registrar.


portrait of Jason Frey

Jason Frey

Dean of Students; VP of Student Services

This page is password protected and intended only for enrolled students. If you have been accepted and do not have the password, please contact Jason Frey at or 773.896.2413 for access.