For many of us the genocide of Yazidie Kurds by ISIS is a surreal reality gleaned from news reports from far across the world. But Jonah Salim, a Ph.D. student at CTS, receives updates on the tragedy directly from Yazidie survivors through daily communication with Yazidie friends and relatives in Iraq. Read his perspective that earned a response from President Obama.
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Student and Campus Life

CTS is not just a seminary, it is a community – a living, breathing, organic community. Whether you join a student organization, attend a worship service, share a meal at a weekly community lunch or facilitate an event, community life is a major part of the CTS experience.

Community life is where learning intersects with living. The CTS experience is more than academic, it is the relationships we build with one another, with our wider CTS community and with our surroundings.

Our students meet, befriend, challenge and grow with one another at a number of intersections. There’s Weekly Chapel Service and Community Lunch. There are Town Hall Meetings where the entire community can exchange ideas and concerns. We host Fireside Chats, where religious and community leaders can share their personal stories of self-formation. And, of course, there are the popular Fall Picnic and Spring Fest.

Upon entering CTS, students receive advisors for academic, social and spiritual support. A housing coordinator is available to help find affordable accommodations. Students can learn about opportunities for jobs, internships, fellowships, and scholarships to help with financial needs and career development.  A variety of student organizations have been formed to help students assimilate and develop areas of interest. Our Director of Community Life is just one of the many staff and community members available to talk with students as they think about their plans and hopes.  

Explore this section to get a fuller sense of community support here at CTS. We hope these services enrich the experiences of both present and prospective students.