Ranging in age from 22 to 70 and representing over 40 faith traditions, our student body is the most diverse and inclusive anywhere. Religiously curious and passionately compassionate, our students create a provocative yet nurturing community here in the heart of Chicago.


Worship is central to community life at CTS. Through worship we encounter the divine and celebrate the many gifts we have each been given. Through prayer, song, dance, as well as the preached word, we engage in worship as a diverse community seeking to both share and learn from each other. The central worship event happens in the main 4th floor chapel each Wednesday at noon during the fall and spring semesters.

Any individual or group can sign up to prepare and lead a worship service during the academic year. As such, worship takes on a variety of forms and expressions. One week may be a formal convocation, while the next week may be a class performing a drama on the global HIV/AIDS crisis. Following the liturgical calendar may bring an Ash Wednesday service to chapel, while following current events may bring a prayer vigil honoring those who have been killed in wars or armed conflicts. Worship is yet another manifestation of the diversity at CTS.

Aside from Wednesday worship services in the main chapel, there are other times and places where the community comes together in worship. There is a smaller chapel space—the Clark Chapel on the 1st floor—for those who seek a place for individual prayer and meditation or for groups who desire a smaller, more intimate worship space. There is also a small space, the Wells Clarke Meditation Room, available to students 24/7.