With world-renowned teachers and alumni, CTS is the global leader in transformational religious studies. We offer several Masters and Doctoral degrees, including Masters in Divinity, Sacred Theology and Religious Leadership.

Interfaith Engagement

In our world of many faiths, we need leaders with a vision of diversity that inspires conversation and collaboration rather than conflict, leaders who can both cultivate common ground and dignify difference, leaders who care to understand religious traditions other than their own.

With a rich array of courses and co-curricular programming, CTS nurtures such Leaders for the Next


Become part of a multifaith cutting-edge cohort of students.

We have received a Henry Luce Foundation grant to train future leaders who can build bridges across religious and cultural difference to advance sustainability and other critical justice issues. Social justice and transformation become the common ground of our multifaith cohort, with unique leadership opportunities and dedicated workshops in interreligious engagement, community organizing, conflict transformation and environmental justice.

Eligible students must be admitted to a master’s or doctoral-level program at CTS.

Rabbi Dr. Rachel Mikva on ECOmmunity:
Jews, Muslims, & Christians Coming to Study at CTS

Stipends are available for participants.

Communities are ecosystems.
       What can you do to help them thrive?

From our Vision, Mission, and Commitment Statements:

We are committed… to fostering better understanding and collaboration among religious traditions, paying particular attention to cooperation among Christianity, Judaism, and Islam toward the end of realizing the aims of the prophetic traditions.