The mission of CTS is to work towards greater social justice. And nowhere is this more needed than in the area of race.

To this end, CTS has created a web video to shine the light on White Privilege. We believe the racial divide will only change when the collective “we” understand the concepts of privilege and begin to identify and correct the systems that advantage one group over the other.

We intend for this White Privilege Glasses video to spark discussions and inspire dialogue about this very serious issue. We want to start people thinking, talking ... acting.

This is all part of CTS’s effort to take a greater role at the forefront of social activism. It is about becoming an actual voice in the national dialogue and championing important, urgent issues.

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Discuss White Privilege at your school, home, house of worship, or organization. Download our free discussion guide. Or order our WPG starter kit.

The starter kit includes our discussion guide, glasses, t-shirts, stickers, flyers and posters to advertise your event.

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About CTS

Based in Chicago’s Southside, Chicago Theological Seminary is committed to creating leaders for the next generation of religious leadership…whatever that may be. A leader in social justice, CTS is committed to LGBTQ and gender issues, interreligious understanding, and racial justice.

CTS is an affiliated seminary of the United Church of Christ. Since its beginning in 1855, CTS has pushed at the growing boundaries of the church in order to make faith more relevant and transform society towards greater justice and mercy. The student body now represents more than 40 different faith traditions, perspectives and denominations.

About White Privilege
Glasses Campaign

Chicago Theological Seminary is launching a timely campaign called “White Privilege Glasses.” The cornerstone of this effort is a minute-long video. The premise of this short film is, “what if we had glasses that helped us see privilege in everyday life?”

This provocative video will be supported with discussion kits, collateral, and actual glasses. All with the intention of starting a dialogue, driving a discussion, creating a movement.

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Press Release

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