Pursue your passion. Do something with your faith. Challenge yourself at a world-class graduate school of theology. Whether you’re interested in ministry, social justice or serious religious scholarship, CTS will take you to the Next.
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Why CTS?

As you consider seminary life, vocation and your future, here are reasons to choose Chicago Theological Seminary:

  • CTS is perhaps the most progressive- minded and forward-thinking graduate school of theology.
  • It is one of the most inclusive and diverse institutions anywhere. Inclusion and diversity are not just our policies; they’re what we stand for.
  • Regardless of your denomination, beliefs or goals, CTS will help form your faith, strengthen your conviction and clarify your calling.
  • CTS will lead you to important meaningful careers, be it as a minister, a community organizer, a professor of theology or hundreds of other exciting vocations.
  • CTS is led by a world-class faculty: famous theologians, inspiring writers, leading-edge scholars and transformative thinkers.
  • CTS is based in the rich and diverse city of Chicago. This culturally-eclectic center is a wonderful real life canvas for your theological study.
  • CTS also offers courses online, allowing our message of inclusivity to be accessible to even more people.