With world-renowned teachers and alumni, CTS is the global leader in transformational religious studies. We offer several Masters and Doctoral degrees, including Masters in Divinity, Sacred Theology and Religious Leadership.

Course Schedule

The course schedules for the current and upcoming semesters are listed below. Listings of text books for the courses are available on the Course Texts page. Click on the semester links below to download a copy of the course schedule. 


Summer 2015

Click here for a chart of the Summer 2015 schedule, with course descriptions and instructor bios.

May 18-22

RH 424 Mary Magdalene Debates: Yang

May 26-30 (Tuesday-Saturday)

TEC 403 Theologies of the Atonement: Terrell

June 1-5

LM 438 Pastoral Care with Veterans and Their Families: Zachary Moon

June 8-12

TEC 478 Living Islam: An Introduction to Islam as a Lived Tradition: Su'ad Khabeer

July 20-24

LM 464 Child Advocacy Ministry: Proctor Institute: Janet L. Wolf

Offered through the Children's Defense Fund, Clinton, TN. Additional registration required.


LM 458 Youth Ministry for Modern Families: Nicole Havelka

Course runs June 1-August 24. Includes WebEx sessions: June 4 & 18, 6-7:30 PM; July 9, 6 PM; July 27, optional office hours 2-4 PM & 6-8 PM; July 23, 6-7:30 PM; August 17, optional office hours 2-4 PM & 6-8 PM, August 20th, 6-8 PM.

TEC 474 Religion and Hip Hop Culture: Monica Miller

Course runs June 1-August 24

TEC 479 Religious Environmentalism: Liberations and Limitations: Jacob Erickson

Course runs May 25-August 17


Fall 2015

Click here for a chart of the Fall 2015 course schedule.


2:00-5:00 PM

RH 301 Interpreting the Hebrew Bible: Jared Beverly

TEC 411 Howard Thurman and the Search for Common Ground: Ringer

6:30-9:30 PM

TEC 595A Master's Writing Seminar: Seo


9:00 AM- 12 Noon

TEC 395 Introduction to Interfaith Engagement: Mikva and Nashashibi

TEC 484 Theological and Ethical Perspectives on AIDS and Violence: Terrell

RH 492 Reading Between the Testaments: Yang

2:00 -5:00 PM

RH 344 History of Christian Thought: Speller

TEC 603 Philosophical Thought: Seo

6:30-9:30 PM

LM 331 Introduction to Pastoral Care: Butler


9:00 AM- 12 Noon

RH 493 Women and Religion: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam (hybrid course): Speller

LM 405 Leading Congregations: Thomas

2:00 -5:00 PM

TEC 400 Constructive Theology: Haldeman and Ringer

TEC 504 Augustine, Niebuhr, and Malcolm X: Terrell

TEC 355 Living into our Commitments & Effecting Social Change: Mikva

6:30-9:30 PM

RH 321 Interpreting the Gospels: Yang

LM 365 Global Sensitivity in Ministry: Seo


2:00 -5:00 PM

TEC 513 Post-Christian Theology: Jennings

Doctor of Ministry Intensive Courses - August 24-28, 9 AM-5 PM

TEC 455A D.Min. Orientation Seminar: Speller

TEC 455B D.Min. Research Methods Seminar: Michael Montgomery

Hybrid Courses

LM 400 Leadership & Ministry in Context: Crowder and Haldeman
Meets both online and in-person.  In-person meetings: Sept. 12, Dec. 5, Feb 6, and  May 7, 10 AM-4PM

RH 493 Women and Religion: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam: Speller

Online Courses

LM 332O Introduction to Pastoral Theology – Lee Butler

Note: This course is only available to those students who cannot register for LM 331.

WebEx sessions: September 10 & 24, October 8 & 29, November 12, December 3 & 17, 7 PM

LM 365O Global Sensitivity – Bo Myung Seo

WebEx sessions: September 22, October 27, December 1, 7 PM

LM 400O Leadership & Ministry in Context – Scott Haldeman and Stephanie Crowder

WebEx sessions: September 12th (10 AM), December 3rd (6 PM), February 6th (10 AM), May 3rd (6 PM)

LM 403O Preaching that Grows a Church . . . and a PreacherMichael Piazza

WebEx sessions: September 14th, and 21st, October 12, and December 7th and 14th at 7 PM. 

LM 405O Leading Congregations – John Thomas

LM 415O Ritual Studies – Scott Haldeman

LM 444O Theology, Ministry, and Disability – Craig Modahl

LM 596O Leadership for Transformation – Alice Hunt (fall and spring)

WebEx sessions: Every other Thursday, 9:30 AM-12:30 PM

RH 301O Interpreting the Hebrew Bible – Brandon Grafius

RH 321O Interpreting the Gospels – Ted Jennings

RH 325O Interpreting the Epistles – Ted Jennings

RH 344O History of Christian Thought – Cynthia Stewart

TEC 355O Living into our Commitments & Effecting Social Change – Alice Hunt and Lisa Seiwert

WebEx sessions: Either every Tuesday, 6-8 PM or every Tuesday, 11 AM-1 PM (two sections)

TEC 395O Interfaith Engagement: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam – Rachel Mikva

WebEx sessions: September 10, October 29, December 10, 7:30-9 PM

TEC 400O Constructive Theology – Scott Haldeman & Christophe Ringer

WebEx sessions: September 16 & 30, October 14, November 4 & 18, December 16, 6-7 PM

TEC 401O Creation and Fall: The Foundations of Theological Anthropology – Ted Jennings

TEC 410O Queer Theologies – Patrick Cheng

WebEx sessions: September 17, October 1 & 15, November 5 & 19, December 4 & 11, 7:30-9:00 PM

TEC 442O Theory & Theology of the Church: Feminist, Queer, & Ethnographic Approaches – Sara Rosenau

TEC 475O Exploring the American Muslim Experience – Rami Nashashibi

WebEx sessions: September 16th, 7:30-9:30 PM; October 7th & 21st, November 4th & 18th, and December 2nd and 16th, 7:30-9:00 PM

TEC 595O Master’ Writing Seminar – Bo Myung Seo