Wednesday Gatherings

It started with a traditional Wednesday Chapel – a weekly time for the community to gather for prayer, reflection, community, and lunch. Then, in the midst of the global pandemic, we pivoted, going virtual with Wednesday Reflections. We recognized the need for opportunities for deeper engagement with civic and social justice issues, as well as a way to be together in a world separated. We invited powerful community speakers and activists to share their journeys, lessons, and inspirations to make change. And now, under a new moniker, we offer Wednesday Gatherings, our Wednesday weekly convening featuring insightful conversations, dialogue and artistic events from our CTS faculty and students, as well provocative community leaders working towards greater justice in the world.  Join us Wednesdays at noon. Justice lives here.



Upcoming Topics & Speakers:

  • Dec. 1: M Barclay and Anna Blaedel from enfleshed in conversation with CTS students Mac Buff and Dani Patrick: Collective Liberation: No Pride for Some of us without Liberation for All of Us
  • Dec. 8: Darren Hutchinson, attorney, on Critical Race Theory



Past Topics & Speakers Include:

  • Chaplaincy in Military Communities with Rev. Lilton Marks and Dr. Zachary Moon
  • Veterans Day discussion with retired military chaplain and CTS alumnus Rev. Lilton Marks, in conversation with Dr. Zachary Moon
  • Colonialism and Theological Education, a discussion led by Jaime Fluker and CTS Ph.D. students
  • Part-Time is Plenty: Thriving without Full-Time Clergy Rev. Dr. Lillian Daniel and Jeffrey MacDonald
  • Living Through the Interims Interim President Dr. Marsha Foster Boyd and Interim Dean Rabbi Dr. Rachel Mikva
  • What Will She Become CTS President Emerita Susan Thistlethwaite and Rev. Dr. Carter Heyward
  • The Stigmatic: Bearing Trauma as the Body of Christ – led by the Trauma Informed Clergy CTS student group
  • Goatwalking: A Quaker Pastoral Theology – Dr. Zachary Moon and Leena Safi
  • Sukkot Celebration and Climate Change Dialogue – Rabbi Dr. Mikva, Zeenat Rahman, Nikki McDaid
  • Finding Rest in the Storm: Embracing a ‘Theology of Self-Care’ in the Midst of Crisis – Dr. Kameelah Mu’Min Rashad
  • Out from the Gloomy Past – Dr. Teresa Smallwood
  • Inside Look at the Christian Left – Guthrie Graves-Fitzsimmons
  • No Longer Innocent: Reflections on a Pandemic – Rev. Billy Honor
  • Angelic Troublemaking – Rev. Jason Carson Wilson
  • Building Movement – Deepa Iyer
  • When They Build Walls, We Build Bridges – Dr. Debbie Almontaser
  • Spoken Word: Faith and Poetry – J.Kwest
  • Christians Against Christian Nationalism – Amanda Tyler/Dr. Rachel Mikva
  • Translating Love into Action – Syda Taylor
  • Religious and Cultural Diversity in CPS – Rev. Alan Conley
  • Faith Communities Making Social Impact – Rev. Reginald Blount