Online Learning

You don’t have to come here to go here. Because now CTS offers fully-accredited degrees online. This first-of-its-kind degree program allows you to study here regardless of location. These online courses are rigorous, And yet they are flexible enough to open up theological education to more people.

You will learn from and with CTS’s world-class faculty and students from all walks of life. Online students are welcome to incorporate on-campus courses and to participate in the CTS community at every level.

Online courses generally don’t have the same weekly meeting times that On-Campus courses do, but they do require various student engagement over the course of each week. This may involve video or audio lectures, forum discussions, live video chats, and more. Our online courses will challenge you, stimulate your theological imagination, and draw you into a community of learning just as much as our face-to-face classes always have.

Here is a current list of online Doctoral, Masters, and Non-Degree Programs at CTS:



Degree programs Coursework Other Requirements
Doctor of Ministry 100% online None
Master of Divinity Up to 100% online Field Ed. & CPE in your location
Master of Arts Up to 100% online None
Master of Sacred Theology Up to 100% online None
Non-Degree programs Coursework Other Requirements
Certificate Up to 100% online None
Student at Large Up to 100% online None
Distance Scholar Up to 100% online None


As Intense As In Person

Very often, potential seminary students are deeply immersed in their communities. You have a hometown where you live, work, go to church and raise your family. You can’t easily pick up and move to the South Side of Chicago.

Our online program was designed to mirror our on-campus experience. It is a rigorous academic environment. You will participate in video-conferenced classes, community forums, and study groups where you’ll share, discuss and grow with your classmates. The truth is, many of our students say their online classmates become lifelong friends and confidants.