CTS offers a wide variety of courses designed to challenge, intrigue and form the next generation of religious leaders. Rigorously explore subjects such as biblical studies, interreligious engagement or race and gender issues. In addition to the courses offered by CTS, as a member of the Association of Chicago Theological Schools (ACTS), you have the opportunity to cross-register with eleven other member institutions in and around Chicago.

CTS has also partnered with Hartford Seminary’s Cooperative MDiv program. In that program, Hartford students are able to take half of their courses at Hartford and then easily transfer their credits in order to complete their MDiv at CTS. Additionally, CTS students have the opportunity to take Hartford’s courses in Interreligious Engagement and Islamic Studies. CTS students also have the ability to take courses at the University of Chicago Divinity School.

Fall and Spring Semesters

The bulk of CTS courses are offered during 14-week semesters in the Fall and Spring. The Fall term runs from September through mid-December, and the Spring term goes from February through mid-May. On campus courses meet once a week in three-hour blocks. Most of these face-to-face courses are offered on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, with a substantial offering of evening courses. Online courses vary in the number of synchonous sessions required, where students join at a set time over video. Some courses require no synchronous video sessions, where other courses meet weekly. All online courses require regular engagement with instructors and classmates in online forum conversations over the course of each week.

Summer courses:

We have a number of face-to-face intensive courses during late May and June. We also offer online courses in the summer, which run from late May through August. These classes provide opportunities for you to engage in intensive elective coursework or study with visiting adjunct instructors. In addition to summer courses offered at CTS, you may enroll in summer classes at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, McCormick Theological Seminary, and Meadville Lombard Seminary.

J-Term courses:

Every January, between fall and spring semesters, you may enroll in one and two week intensive courses at CTS and many of the ACTS institutions. J-Term courses provide an opportunity to study coursework required by your denomination, or to learn about a focused topic presented by faculty.

Hispanic Summer program:

CTS is pleased to participate in the Hispanic Summer Program, an interdenominational program designed to provide an opportunity to study theology in a [email protected] setting with Hispanic peers and professors.