Ministry Assistance

Good News Community Church | Chicago , IL
Ministry Assistance
Supervisor: Charlene Hill
Phone: 773-304-8154


We are a small multicultural multigenerational vibrant church with a variety of families and theological understandings of God ranging from Evangelical to Progressive. This faith community consists of mainly working class and unemployed individuals who come to church for 90 minutes to experience God’s grace and replenishment. The average attendance on Sunday is 45-50 people. The community we reside in, Rogers Park, is one of the most diverse cities in the United States. Here at Good News we have a multicultural gospel choir and a contemporary relevant timely message every Sunday. We have time sensitive spiritual groups/bible studies and youth programming. We presently house a soup kitchen, A Just Harvest, which serves dinner every day of the year. Good News is an exciting urban context to experience and practice ministry. We presently are looking for individuals with a passion and gifts in the following areas: outreach, media, public relations, pastoral care, and the arts. We are also looking for individuals who are willing to think outside the box as it relates to 21st century ministry. Good News has been a space for students to utilize their gifts as they continue to discern the specifics of their calling. We hope you consider our worship space as a place for you!



In this small congregation there are ample opportunities to participate in worship celebration and facilitate groups and individual relationships. We are innovative and welcome media and arts into our worship experience. Also as a site that takes seriously valuing all God’s creation we provide the unique experience of learning how to balance the needs of a diverse group (age, gender, class, race, and sexual orientation).



We admonish timeliness and seriousness towards the field placement experience. It is important that the individual can attend weekly worship, the central gathering space for our faith community. It is also important that the person is motivated, responsible, and able to, with support, follow through on task.



We are a space that allows students to not only try out practical areas of ministry but also allows them to experiment in less familiar areas and take risk to explore the vast scope of possibilities available for ministry. Through objectives, regular meetings, and attending worship services the student, site instructor and congregation enter into a covenant relationship where in we are open to the two-way fluidness of learning and teaching.



We can offer $500 for the academic year.



This stop is accessible via public transportation; the church is located one block north of the Red Line stop, Howard.



I think it is important for any field placement student to discern if the field placement supervisor is someone they can trust enough to work with and journey. The relationship between the student and supervisor is critical to the well being of the placement.