Student in residence-Climate Change and Ecological Justice Collaborator

Interchurch Center for Theological and Social Studies (CIEETS) | Managua,
Student in residence-Climate Change and Ecological Justice Collaborator
Supervisor: Jairo Arce


CIEETS as an institution founded in Christian faith, begun in 1986, on the part of the initiative of a group of leaders of the evangelical churches, interested in creating a structure to look at the potential process of transformation for the impoverished sectors of the country. They created this non-profit of all of the Protestant churches for a theological, pastoral and community support to provide a critical analysis of the social situation and how Christian practice can assist in human and social transformation. This institution has a prophetic practice to proclaim justice, peace and reconciliation for the poor of Nicaragua and to denounce the inhumane projects that promote violence and death in order to create a society that incarnates the Reign of God

CIETS is an institution that specializes in forming strategic groups of churches and farmers and leaders in the community to create social compacts on environmental protection as a key to sustainability in the process of support.



Supervisor for weekly one-hour supervision session with appointee/student: There would be a weekly meeting to assess a work plan and progress with faculty of CIEETS.



Estimated travel cost:

  • To rent a simple apartment $ USA 250.00 monthly
  • $ 250 in food
  • $ 150 for transportation if you live in Managua

Please return to: Catherine Nichols

Mission Personnel Executive
PO Box 1986
Indianapolis, IN  46206