Bursts lighting the night

Children splashing

Families grilling

Grandmothers fanning

A gentle 4th, freedom for most

Simple celebrations

A parade, picnics

The Roadtrip

Humble gratitude

For the woman in the harbor


Children in cages

Nuclear “chicken”



Arrests, civil disobedience

Resistance – patriotism –


Lovers lean in

Catch the light

Seeing it in the other

Children in wonder

Glow sticks

I’m a big girl now


I sit in peace on a border

My white skin not a question for entrance

What is the purpose of your trip?

Glancing at our passports

We cross, without scrutiny, except the papers for the dog


Will those children

Who sit in cages

Calling for mama, papa

Feel the sweet safety of a simple picnic?

Know the love of their neighbors

Or even know their neighbors?

Or even have neighbors?


My God, why hast though forsaken me?

They don’t have the words to ask

Is there someone, Someone to pull them from the cages?

To hand them to their mothers

To feel the holy peace of love

Thy love surround them through the night


The work of freedom begins when the picnic is over,

Or the picnic – the nourishment of freedom – begins when we all share the meal

The bombs bursting in air

are lights of hope

Not flashlights shining into the cage

When we look into the sky, do we see their faces?

When they look into for hope, do they see ours?


By Laurie Scott, an incoming MDiv student. She lives in Connecticut with her partner, Rev. Sara Smith.