Sep 212016

The Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development Highlights CTS for Faith & Ecology Courses

CHICAGO, September 21, 2016 – After investigating 231 North American theological schools, The Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development (ICSD) has highlighted Chicago Theological Seminary as offering one of the widest ranges of faith and ecology courses available today. The Report on Faith and Ecology Courses in North American Seminaries, co-authored by Rabbi Yonatan Neril and Joy Auciello, was published June, 2015.

The report cites:

“Chicago Theological Seminary has offered three faith and ecology courses: “Animals, Ecology, and Biblical Interpretation,” “Creation Themes in the Hebrew Bible,” and “Earth and Its Distress: Ecological Ethics in Christian Perspective,” taught by two different faculty members.”

ICSD works to catalyze a transition to a sustainable human society through the active leadership of faith communities. Based in Jerusalem, ICSD unites faith communities, teachers and leaders to promote co-existence, peace, and sustainability through advocacy, education and action-oriented projects.

Working with numerous foundations, private donors, and clients, ICSD has successfully implemented a range of projects from hosting interfaith environmental conferences to facilitating eco tourism in the Holy Land to conducting faith and ecology workshops for students of religion.

ICSD is registered as a non-profit organization in Israel (amuta), and is fiscally sponsored in the U.S. by Jumpstart, a registered 501(c)3. Current supporters include The Julia Burke Foundation (US), the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (Germany), the British Shalom/Salaam Trust (England), the Pratt Foundation (Australia), the German Embassy in Israel, the Anne Frank Fonds, and private donors.