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Doctor of Ministry

The CTS DMin is currently under review and reconstruction.  Although we are not currently accepting applications, we plan to accept applications next year for a focused and revitalized program.

The Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) is an advanced professional degree designed to prepare religious leaders for specialized ministerial practice as leaders and teachers in church, synagogue, mosque, hospital, shelter, clinic, and other faith-based or social-service organizations.  It is a three-year program that culminates in a 75-100 page D.Min. Thesis that contributes to the development of the practice of ministry in communities of faith and the wider world. Students must complete four (4) required Seminars, six (6) elective courses, a ministry project, and a D.Min. Thesis.  Through this course of study, they are invited to engage in study across disciplines through research and reflection that integrates areas of theology and the social sciences to create new perspectives and practices in ministry, achieving the following goals:

  • Identify and articulate an issue in a specific ministerial context that invites a new perspective for understanding, interpreting, and living prophetically in the church and society.
  • Demonstrate the capacity to understand and use theological and theoretical resources that enhance vocational goals and support transforming ministerial practices.
  • Design, implement, and evaluate a project in ministry that integrates theory and practice in forms easily appropriated and applied in other contexts.
  • Demonstrate the ability to engage in contextual theological reflection that examines and interprets insights and expressions of ministerial practice.
  • Demonstrate commitment and capacity to serve as an agent of change in an increasingly diverse world.

D.Min. Program Course of Study [pdf]

D.Min. Manual [pdf]