Master of Arts

The Master of Arts (Religious Studies) is a two-year graduate program that focuses on the study of religious traditions, theology and ethics. Culminating with a Master’s Thesis, this program allows you to focus theological study in an area of personal interest. This is an appropriate degree if you are preparing for further study at the doctoral level; seeking advanced theological study as a foundation for service; or simply wish to study theology and religion without the aim of entering professional ministry.

CTS now offers a fully-accredited MA online. This first-of-its-kind degree program allows you to study here regardless of location. Learn more about our online degrees here.

Program Goals and Learning Outcomes:


  • MA graduates will have acquired foundational knowledge of and the capacity to interpret and communicate religious traditions.
  • MA graduates will be able to think critically about religious traditions.
  • MA graduates will be able to complete graduate level academic research in religious studies.


  • Students will apply foundational knowledge of religious traditions appropriately in scholarly research.
  • Students will demonstrate ability to construct and develop a substantial scholarly argument in religious studies.
  • Students will demonstrate ability to think and write critically about religious traditions.
  • Students will demonstrate in-depth scholarly knowledge in a specific area relating to religious studies.