Ranging in age from 22 to 70 and representing over 40 faith traditions, our student body is the most diverse and inclusive anywhere. Religiously curious and passionately compassionate, our students create a provocative yet nurturing community here in the heart of Chicago.

Student Organizations

Each CTS student brings her or his own interests and experiences to the Seminary. There are several organizations and programs that fit the needs and interests of most students. Here is a list of the active student organizations at CTS; if you would like to learn more, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  

Charles Shelby Rooks Society

The Charles Shelby Rooks Society honors the first African-American president to lead a predominantly white theological school. This organization celebrates Diasporic ties to Africa, academic excellence, cultural, community, spiritual and social cognizance, and activism. As President of CTS from 1974 to 1984, Dr. Charles Shelby Rooks was committed to theological education,  the public responsibility of the church and the training of African American church leaders. (Deirdre Jones, Lamont Lewis)

Heyward-Boswell Society

The Heyward-Boswell Society serves as the outreach and support group for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered community and their supporters at CTS. The society strives to bring its prophetic gifts of witness and education to bear in proclaiming God’s work in all lives, regardless of sexual orientation. (Tijuana Gray)

Fellowship of International PhD Students

The Fellowship of International PhD Students is an organization intended to meet the particular needs of international PhD students to organize themselves as scholars, to produce quality scholarship that reflects our international commitment to solidarity, justice, and mercy, and to help represent the work of Chicago Theological here and abroad.  The Fellowship hopes to accomplish this through lectures, connections with senior scholars, discussions to share and improve their academic work, mini-conferences, new research databases, and networking opportunities with scholars around the world. (Su-Hyun Han)

Fine Arts at Chicago Theological Seminary (FACTS)

Fine Arts at Chicago Theological Seminary seeks to incorporate fine arts and artistic ability in the worship and everyday community of CTS. Further, FACTS recognizes that fine arts have been used as a vehicle by which social needs are heard and would thus seek to bring awareness to rising social issues. FACTS recognizes that transformative leadership often seeks inventive modes; we can assist students seeking these methods by allowing the community to join in and see the incorporation of fine arts in ministry. (Tamera Keller-Love, Richard McKinney)

International Student Organization (ISO)

The mission of the International Student Organization is to have an all-inclusive international body at CTS, bringing all degree programs together. We want to share our culture, ministry, fellowship, and encourage one another, as well as contribute to CTS community building. Our hope is to build religious leadership from the multi-diverse cultural and denominational perspectives, bringing various ministerial and professional skills together, and nurturing a global understanding of ministry. (Alemayehu Fite)

Korean Student Organization

This student organization brings an international Korean perspective to theological discussion in the classroom and community. The group is committed to encouraging academic integrity and to bearing public witness to the shared yearning for a reunified North and South Korea. (Sunhee Jun)

Latin@ Community Action Ministries/Latin@Comunidad Accion Ministerios (LCAM)

The mission of the Latin@ Community Action Ministries is to develop Latin@ religious leadership—including both skills and practices—to transform society toward greater justice and mercy. (Raul Ruiz-Ocampo)

The New Mystics (hybrid collective of online and in-person students)

The purpose of The New Mystics is to explore the world of mysticism from a Christian perspective in the hope of better understanding how we, as modern mystics, can use our personal experience of God to serve our communities and shape our ministries. Through this group we plan to acknowledge and take from many faith traditions. By understanding the river of truth that flows through all faith, we, as mystics, will become leaders in transformative ministry through our service of all members of society. (Melanie Poehls, Bryan Gillette, Richard McKinney)

Ph.D. Student Association

This organization fosters a community of learning among Doctoral students and seeks to assist in preparing them for academic positions. (Jared Beverly, Jon Phillips)

Prisoner Visitation & Solidarity Group

This group will facilitate direct engagement and relationships between the CTS community and those affected by imprisonment in order that community members may be more adequately equipped to respond as religious leaders to the crisis of mass incarceration.  (Will Andrews)

Seminarians for Worker Justice

Seminarians for Worker Justice participates in a national network of interfaith student groups who confront workplace inequalities. They encourage faith communities to be stronger advocates for justice in society, help workers and unions in their efforts to organize, and encourage faculties to include issues of economic justice in the classroom. (Kirk Laubenstein)

Student Government

This student government organization consists of six elected representatives of the CTS student body. They serve as liaisons and advocates for the student body to the faculty and administration. They serve on the Academic Council and represent the students to the Board of Trustees. (Tijuana Gray, Sarah Hairston, Tamera Keller-Love, Heidi Lindeman, Raul Ruiz Ocampo, Joshua Simon; advisor, Ayanna Johnson)

Womanist Group

The purpose of Womanist Group is to create covenant community and space for Black women’s experiences, stories, issues, and scholarship to be exchanged and nurtured.  We will utilize womanism as a means to open the dialogue and break the yoke of silence among Black women in theological education as well as confront intersectional oppression academically, socially, and politically. (Jerrolyn Eulinberg, Malene Minor Johnson, Melanie Jones)

Women of CTS

This student-run organization supports our community of women seminarians. This group brings a female perspective to gender issues such as inequality, sexism, empowerment, family and safety. (Sarah Hairston, Heather Loring-Albright)