Christophe Ringer

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Christophe Ringer

Associate Professor of Theological Ethics and Society

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Professor Ringer’s research interests include theological and social ethics, African American religion, public theology, religion and social sciences, religion and politics, critical theory and African American religion, and cultural studies. He is particularly interested in African American religion as a site for understanding the relationship of self, society and the sacred as it concerns human flourishing. Ringer’s research currently focuses on the religious and cultural meanings that sustain and rationalize mass incarceration and other forms of social death in American public life.

“My teaching is guided by the conviction that theological ethics critically engage wide variety of disciplines in order to understand the ethical challenges and complexities our world faces today. Moreover, those preparing for ministry should be acquainted with the perennial problems of the human condition as well the conceptual tools to respond to specific challenges that we cannot yet imagine.”


  • BA, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1995
  • MDiv, PhD Vanderbilt University, 2005, 2014

Sample Courses:

  • Introduction to Christian Ethics
  • Howard Thurman and the Search for Common Ground
  • Mass Incarceration, Politics and Public Theology
  • African-American Political Theology