CTS Statement on Trump vs. Hawaii Supreme Court Decision

Response Written by Rev. Lisa N. Zook
Project Director of the Interreligious Institute at CTS

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Chicago Theological Seminary (CTS) is a school and community dedicated to the dignity and worth of all people. As such, we are defenders of a vision of society in which we all have a place and can expect to be treated fairly in every walk of life. The decision by the United States Supreme Court on Trump v. Hawaii upholds bigotry, racism, and xenophobia, and is both anti-Muslim and anti-American. We stand firmly with our Muslim sisters and brothers and stand against religious intolerance.

This ruling takes its place in history with other immoral Supreme Court decisions like Korematsu and Dred Scott. History does not view such rulings with pride. We the people will determine our future as a nation. We know that progress and change come from the people; our actions, commitments, protests, and votes move us on the path toward justice. Today and every day, we at CTS commit to opposing this Muslim ban and working toward the creation of beloved community, where bigotry and discrimination are not tolerated, and where we are rooted in the values of justice, mercy, inclusion, and love.

This work is long, and these battles are hard, but together we can triumph. We hold fast to the audacious vision of a world where all God’s children are equally valued. We hold fast to our commitments that compel us to embrace not only the rhetoric but the reality of diversity. We hold fast to engaging in work that unifies us as a diverse people and to speaking out against discrimination and prejudice wherever we see it. We hold fast to our Muslim sisters and brothers and to all our allies who seek to join us in this struggle. We hold fast to the God of Abraham and Sarah who insists on welcoming the stranger and protecting the refugee.


This Statement is endorsed by the following
members of the InterReligious Institute Advisory Council:

Carole B. Segal, Co-Chair, InterReligious Institute Advisory Council, President, Segal Family Foundation & CTS Trustee
Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite, Co-Chair, InterReligious Institute Advisory Council, Past President, Chicago Theological Seminary
Reza Aslan, Author, Professor Public Speaker
Shaun Casey, Director, Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs, Georgetown University
Miguel De La Torre, Professor of Social Ethics and Latinx Studies, Iliff School of Theology
Rabbi Steve Engel, Congregation of Reform Judaism, Co-Host, Three Wise Guys podcast
Rabbi Samuel N Gordon, Wilmette, IL
Imam Muhammad Musri, Ph.D., President, American Islam, President, Islamic Society of Central Florida
Dr. Sharon D. Welch, Affiliate Faculty, Meadville Lombard Theological School
Iva Carruthers, General Secretary, Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference
Howard Morgan, CTS Life Trustee